LsL Vintage-Style Tremolo Bridge

The LsL vintage-style tremolo bridge assembly is made from the best materials available for this style bridge right here in the USA! This bridge fits our Saticoy model guitar which uses vintage dimensions and 2 1/8" string spacing. The heavy, solid, chrome plated, steel plate, is beveled accurately at the fulcrum point for smooth tremolo action.

The steel tremolo bar is a "push-in" style that sits solidly into the tremolo block through a, tension adjustable, phenolic bushing, which exhibits no "play" giving you a solid feel through the bar and bridge, with full control over tiny nuances in smooth tremolo action. 

The LsL vintage-style, chrome-plated, steel saddles are height adjustable with two allen head screws, along with, an intonation screw and spring at the rear.

LsL tremolo blocks are manufactured with our own unique design. They are machined from cold-rolled solid steel and brass billets. The tremolo spring retainer holes are routed into the block in a manner allowing the spring to sit flush into the block.


Brass blocks impart a chimey, "bell-like" tone. Bright and musical, it's very pleasing to the ear.

Steel blocks impart a more even frequency response from top to bottom, with increased sustain, and warmer characteristics.


*Each block features a laser cut division that allows YOU to choose a different metal from which the wound or plain strings anchor from. i.e., you can anchor the wound strings through a steel side of the block and the plain strings through a brass side, or vice-versa. This allows you to further customize your tonal desires like never before!



  • Vintage 2 1/8" String Spacing
  • Six Chrome Plated, Allen Head Screw Height Adjustable, Stamped Steel Saddles with Philips Head Intonation Screw and Spring
  • Vintage-Style Chrome Plated Heavy Steel Bridge Plate with Precisely Beveled Fulcrum
  • Heavy Steel or Brass Tremolo Block with Laser Cut Division, Flush Spring Routes, Phenolic Tremolo Arm Bushing with Tension Adjuster Allen Screw
  • Steel Tremolo Arm
  • Choice of Steel or Brass Block or 50/50 Split
  • Three Tremolo Springs
  • Six Chrome Plated Steel Mounting Screws
  • Spring Claw with Ground Wire Tab, and Two Steel Philips Head Mounting Screws
  • Bridge Plate and String Saddles are Individually Emblazoned with our LsL Logo 
  • Made In USA!

$30.00 Upcharge for Aged





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